Since forming London-based band, Big Wednesday have gigged all over London, cutting their teeth in packed out and sweaty student bars, as well as cult venues like Hope & Anchor, The Islington and The Victoria. With a dedicated following dead-set on singing back every word of each tune and wearing out the soles of their dancing shoes, the band are pushing forward to play bigger venues to bring their sound to a wider audience.

The band’s debut EP ‘Big Wednesday’ is a little over 13 minutes of indie-pop sounds with a mix of Rock & Roll energy with a Big Wednesday twist, it is packed full of fun and talent. They have managed to create a feel-good EP that stands out and blends a mixture of retro sounds with a modern twist.

‘Stuck In The Kitchen’, the lead song from the band’s debut EP, seems to have taken on a new meaning since the Coronavirus lockdown and the band think that listeners may find a fresh connection with the lyric now we really are all stuck inside. This track has to be my favourite from the EP, it’s catchy riffs and lyrics are brilliant, it instantly had my tapping along as I listened to this track. This was also the first song I had heard from the band and I must admit I was impressed with what I was hearing.

The combination of strings, drums, vocals and the feel-good sound with the bands own unique sound makes this EP one you will not forget about any time soon and will have stuck in you head. There is nothing I didn’t love about this EP, I feel it’s an EP we all need to listen to, especially during these strange times we are going through. They have proven they have well and truly got the knack for songwriting and creating a feel-good EP packed full of talent and some amazing vocals.

A fun, exciting band I can’t wait to hear more music from this talented band.

Great job guys!

By Ollie Cooper