Prime are an explosive band from the East Midlands, they are a rock band with a blues and indie influence.

This was the first track I had heard from this band and it has left a lasting impression. It’s great guitar riffs, drum beat, and vocals kick off the song with an upbeat feel. The lyrics are catchy, you can’t help but tap along to them and in my case sing along which I’m sure my son was enjoying hearing my vocal skills.

This is a track to be blasting out in the summer and to fully appreciate how good this track is I feel you need to listen to this track with the volume turned up to the max. It has the festival feel to it and I can imagine it getting a crowd dancing and jumping around with it’s amazing sound and lyrics. This is a quality song and you can tell it has been put together with a great deal of care and attention to detail.

All in all a nice treat for the ears, great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper