Speak Easy Circus, an indie band based in Glasgow. Thick indie music played by funk and soul musicians. They have recently released our new single ‘Neon in Daylight’, which you can listen to on Spotify.

The song was recorded and mixed entirely by the band in their flat, partly through necessity and partly to maintain the DIY attitude of the band. It was supposed to be the bands ‘summer banger’ to be played at festivals, which unfortunately doesn’t look likely for obvious reasons, However they still decided to release it and hope you can still enjoy it.

It’s packed with their unique brand of undefinable and genre-bending sounds, but there’s a decidedly pop edge to this brilliant track. I love the sound they have managed to create with this track, it really gives it an upbeat. I can honestly see this being a great track to hear at a festival, beer in one hand and hearing this being played as you have a little boogie what is not to love about that.

I love how they have managed to create a summer track which shows off the bands unique sound and talent for song writing so well whilst creating this outside of a studio. I can imagine it was not an easy task to create this at their home but they have done a brilliant job.

This funky track is a treat to hear, you will instantly love it.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper