Bristol UK based indie band Mazmere have recently released their debut album ‘MBJDEBNRBM’. It is an album about the cycles of mental illness and recovery; the album is a deep and sometimes difficult look into the mind of singer/songwriter Jake Sinetos. Mazmere explain this process though cryptic lyrics and noisy intense soundscapes.

It’s hard speaking about mental illness sometimes. The overwhelming feelings of self-doubt, depression, self-hatred are all things that can prevent someone from letting people in. Finding ways to talk about mental illness is difficult, but one creative way to talk about it is through music, which is what the band has done. They have tackled to taboo subject head-on.

The music perfectly reflects lead singer Jake Sinetos’ deep dive into this subject. It’s pure raw energy with noisy instrumentation really tell the story in a way I feel a lot of people can relate to in some way. The lyrics really do make you listen and think about what Jake is singing about, they draw you in along with the unique sound. This album really catches your attention, you can’t help but think about the lyrics as you listen to each track.

I myself know a few people that suffer from mental health issues, I know they struggle to talk about it but hearing albums like this really kind of gives you a feeling as to how they maybe feeling. This album has got me thinking and talking to people about this subject which I see as a positive as this subject really does need to be spoken more about. I love how the band have managed to create an unique album that show’s off their talent and skills and have also created an album around a tough subject to talk about, it’s not an easy thing to do but they have done a brilliant job.  

A brilliant album that you need to listen to from beginning to end to fully apricate the hard work and talent that has gone into creating this unique album.

Fantastic job guys, I’m looking forwards to hearing more from you in the future.


By Ollie Cooper