From the heart of Chester comes a raucous rock duo delivering growling guitar tones and heavy hitting drums. Expect a contagious riff filled, high energy invitation to head bang. The dynamic duo have two EP and a single release under their belt receiving heavy radio play from BBC radio Wales. They have recently released a new single called ‘Early Grave’ which is available to listen to now.

The track starts slow but instating builds into a more rocky sound with it’s raw aggression and heavy sound, the band have managed to create a track which is full of pure raw energy, killer riff and shows some great instrumental talent from all the band members as well as some fantastic vocals. It’s fiery, energetic, and has a great hook you’ll be singing in no time.

This track is a punch to the gut with the wild, roaring riffs and explosive energy, The riff and lyrics are unforgettable, This is a song commands your attention and won’t let go until it’s over and you need to listen to this brilliant track with the volume turned up to the max to fully appreciate this amazing single.

Listening to this great track you can tell straight away it has been recorded well, it has been out together with a huge amount of attention to detail. This was the first track I have ever heard from the band and I was not disappointed with what I heard.

A refreshing sound and I cannot wait to hear more from this talented band.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper