Hull based Vialetters formed in 2018 and have been lucky to enough to get their first batch of music released, and played alongside their favourite bands in the indie sphere such as The Big Moon, Blaenavon, Bloxx, Cassia, Anteros, they have played the main stage of our local Humber Street Sesh festival which attracts 35,000 people a year. They have recently released a new single ‘Ulysses’ which is now available to listen to on Spotify.

‘Ulysses’ will awaken every hair on the back of your neck with its high energy beat and it’s unique sound which will have you on your feet dancing around in seconds. This single kicks off from the very first few seconds with it’s catchy riff, followed by some amazing vocals and brilliant instrumentals. The relatable lyrics along with the catchy chorus will have you singing along instantly and makes this track really stand out for me, usually it takes a few listens for a song to make a big impact on me and for it to become a favourite of mine but this single grabbed my attention straight and after listening to it just the once it was stuck in my head.

This is an impressive single that builds throughout and has the perfect balance of strong vocals, impressive melodies, and some brilliant instrumentals along with some catchy and upbeat sounds. The band have created an instantly memorable single that I can see being even better hearing it played live. This single has been put together so well with a lot of talent and attention to detail.

This was the first single I have heard from this band and has left me wanting to hear more and I would go as far as to say they have gained a new fan and I’m sure if you’ve not heard about this band before after hearing this track you will be a fan too.


By Siân Parker