Following the release of two acclaimed singles, ‘Colour’ and ‘All The Same’, rising Bristol songwriter and multi-instrumentalist James Humphrys will release his second EP, ‘Memory Palace’ which you can now listen to on all music platforms.

Consisting of four tracks written and created off the coast of Alaska while working on a cruise ship, the EP includes recent singles, ‘Colour and ‘All The Same’, and pays testament to James’s ability to create multi-layered, genre-bending indie anthems brimming with optimism and energy.

Speaking about his time at sea, James explains, “It was a surreal experience. The ocean and the scenery which we experienced every day for the best part of a year was expansive and freeing but the monotony and regimental tendencies of ship life would conflict with this; you could very easily feel confined and trapped at times.”

The EP is a mixture of catchy and uplifting sounds, some brilliant vocals with some funk and jazz feel added into the mix. This EP is has a really infectious sound and feel to it which will instantly grab your attention and will have you will not be able to just sit around and listen to this EP, you will be on your feet and dancing along within the first few seconds of this EP.

I also love how James has managed to create an EP that is full of positivity which I feel we need at the moment but he also has managed to add into the mix the struggles and anxiety of modern life which I feel we can all relate too. The lyrics are just so relatable and the sound to each track will just put a smile on your face and make you feel good.

If I had to pick my favourite track from this brilliant EP it would have to be ‘All The Same’, it’s just the perfect summer anthem packed full of catchy lyrics and an upbeat feel to the track. The track builds in layers and with the mix of bass, guitars and even horns it just gives it that extra special sound to it which for me makes this track stand out a little more from the other incredible tracks on this EP.

A great EP from a talented singer and songwriter.


By Siân Parker

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