Kioko have created another great track which is no surprise really, this time the band have released a track called ‘Lonely Lockdown’ and I think from the title we know what it will be about.

This track was created during lockdown and was recorded at the band members houses, even though they have had to record and create this track a little differently to what they usually do they have still managed to create a track that has the Kioko sound we all recognise as well as very relatable lyrics and that reggae/Ska feel to the track that we all love. They have also created a video to go with the brilliant track which you really need to check out.

What I love most about this track is the upbeat sound which I feel we all need at the moment during these strange times. I also love how they have written about something that is so relevant right now and everyone can relate to the lyrics, they have managed to create an upbeat track that will no doubt get people bopping along as they listen to it.

They have managed to create another great track with all the usual things we expect to hear from a Kioko track, relatable lyrics with that reggae/ska feel and guaranteed to get you up out of your seat and dancing around the house too. This was defiantly a song I needed to hear especially as I am in local lockdown at the moment, which is not fun, but this track has managed to put a smile back on my face. I found myself going around the house with this track stuck in my head after listening to it once which I am not complaining about.

Another great track from a talented band packed full of energy and talent, you need to go and listen to this track trust me you will not be disappointed.

By Siân Parker