Multi-instrumentalist White Novels, otherwise known as Jack Bestow from Glasgow already has one song “On The Bottle” which was released on all major streaming platforms at the start of June, and has now released his second single “There’s No Happiness” which came out on the 3rd of July.

‘There’s No Happiness’ is a ballad about lockdown with the chorus constantly repeating the lyrics “Where Did All The People Go?” in reference to people forgetting where they have come from and their own social responsibilities. I was wondering if you could listen to the track, and review it if you like it. All of the social media, merch, design, marketing, songwriting, producing and recording is done by myself in my bedroom.

The new single has a dark pop sound to it which I will admit I was not expecting to hear but I did like it. It’s sound is unique and with a steady beat and heavy hitting lyrics this song really catches your attention. I love how Jack has created a single with has a simple steady beat but builds and builds and is guaranteed to induce tears and awaken every hair on the back of your neck.

The vocals are brilliant, they instantly grabbed my attention and there was something about Jack’s voice that I liked, it left me wanting to hear more music from this great singer/songwriter.  There is something about the vocals that instantly caught my attention and they really grab your attention and you can’t help but listen to every word Jack sing’s.

A hauntingly beautiful track for a talented young man, great job Jack, I can’t wait to hear more.


By Ollie Cooper