The talented and skilled songwriter-artist Tom Houston is due to release his poetic song ‘I Am The River (#33)’ which will be released on July 31st.

Tom says “I was singing the song in the Anstruther Boathouse (on the Fife coast) with Mary Erskine (aka Me for Queen) when Clive Gray asked me if I wanted to record it with him for a local compilation called the George Street Sessions. We did this in a friends B&B and Clive produced the 2019 version of I Am the River which was released as a single and also as part of the George Street Sessions Vol2. Later that year I agreed with Neill MacColl that we would work on a new album of songs and spoken word pieces. We both agreed that the River should be part of that collection, but for continuity, we would re-record elements of it with Kate St John on Piano, Benn Nicholls on Bass and Mattie Foulds on Drums. To differentiate it from the first version this is known as I Am the River #33.”

This incredible single is a little over 4 minutes of beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy acoustic sound, this dreamy and heartfelt track is full of some amazing vocals which will instantly grab your attention. It has an acoustic sorrow sound for me makes this track stand out, I love how Tom has taken a simple sound but has turned it into his own and made this single sound so powerful.

I feel this track a magical felling to it. It starts simply but builds and builds and is guaranteed to induce tears. It really is such a beautiful sounding single full of so much talent and you can tell by listening to the track how much care and attention to details has gone into it. I can imagine this song sounding great live especially in a small venue.

A fantastic track which I love, it’s a real treat for the ears.

Great job Tom!


By Ollie Cooper