My love for indie music flourished back in 2005. It was the year when indie bands left their eccentric nests and provided the world with gangly guitar leads, feel-good melodies and mop head haircuts. Minus, the hairstyles, Lime Juice bring it all back. They have taken a sound which is immense and added their quality to make for a refreshing cocktail of all things fabulous.

‘Quietude’ is the type of track which you come back to time and again for another fix. It has the warm feel-good qualities which we all need in our lives, and its infectious and nail-biting melody is a gripper. Also, this one seems to be fit wherever it lands; you could probably play this on a summer run, or even at your family bbq. 

Musically, the band enthral with their gentle intro and warm verse vocal. The singer ‘Alessandro’ adopts a British indie vibe, and it would not surprise me to find out that they find influence from some of the greatest British bands like ‘The Beatles’ and ‘The Rolling Stones’. What I also relish is that just when you think the track is about to finish, it steps up a gear and before we know it we are pushed into a vortex of all guns blazing. It makes for quite a remarkable ending.

Overall, I believe the Italian four-piece have never sounded better than they do here on ‘Quietude’. The group have catapulted their sound to the stars, and their stadium anthem ‘Quietude’ is a testament to their ability to churn out smash hits. You can take a listen to ‘Quietude’ by Lime Juice below. Also, be sure to follow the band on their official social media accounts here. I am sure there will be plenty more gems like this one on the way.





By Dodgem