Coming out of South Birmingham, UK, Bad Girlfriend hit the road running in 2015 and instantly made a name for themselves on the local live circuit for their off the wall, amp climbing, stage-diving live show and balls to the wall punk/garage sound. Quickly integrating with local legends such as God damn, Youth man and Table scraps, they’ve gone on to play with internationally touring groups The Chats, Swervedriver and Dune Rats, and held their own with UK rising acts Murder Capital and Shame. From Glasgow to London they have played across some of the nations underground DIY venues and have started to build a buzz nationwide.

Now regarded as one of the most must-see live acts in the region, after three bonkers EP’s the group have now made an effort to focus on and hone in on their recorded sound with the always great Mark Gittins for their latest effort.

The band have recently released a new single ‘Here it Comes’, this was the first song I have heard from this incredible band and I was not disappointed with what I heard, from the opening chords I was hooked with it’s fiery and unique sound that leaves you wanting to hear more.

The mixture of amazing guitar riffs, gritty bass and crashing drums with some powerful vocals really makes this track stand out. I love the sound the band have created and the feeling you get when listening to their music. There is nothing I love more than to find a track by a band that makes you want to be at a gig, jumping around and singing your heart out to and this track made me have that feeling.

This track has got me hooked completely and I can’t wait to hear more from this talented, fun and exciting band.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper