Conrad Ashton shares modern rock music that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. Conrad has a no-nonsense approach to music making and performance – he is simply himself. A constant student of music, Conrad keeps a steady focus on designing eloquent lyrics that remain humble and relatable for every song he writes.

Conrad has released a 4 track EP ‘no post on sundays’, Conrad’s words about the EP: ‘Push the boat out and see what happens, the songs are really from my life experiences and I chucked in an acoustic version of ‘Time’ for good measure. My plans are to ideally release it in August to keep the momentum of this single going.’

The album is a combination brilliantly written lyrics mixed with his raw vocals and upbeat rhythm which you will love, and you will be tapping along. Conrad has created an incredibly impressive set of songs that have the instantly recognisable Conrad unique sound. There is something about it that really grabbed my attention and I really loved listening to the whole EP, it’s catchy and just a joy to listen to. It’s not often I find an EP that I can listen to all the tracks instantly and love every single one but Conrad has done a brilliant job with this EP which I cannot fault and I instantly loved.

The combination of vocals and strings is a joy to listen too, each track really grabs the listeners attention and you will be left wanting to hear more from the talented singer/songwriter.  

Great job Conrad!


By Ollie Cooper