Saint Raymond has recently released his latest song ‘Love This Way’ which is available to listen to on all major music platforms. Saint Raymond said “The song is about when a relationship doesn’t quite work how it should,” says Saint Raymond, real name Callum Burrows. “But you’re both too scared to let go and you wonder if it’s just how it is and always will be. And whether it’s better to stay in it together in a messed up way.”

This track kicks off with some amazing vocals and slowed builds with a catchy beat with will have you tapping along. It has that indie hook we all love to hear but it also has the Saint Raymond’s sound which is fun, bold and unique.

I love how he has managed to create a track that instantly grabs your attention and has a fun & fresh sound that you will love hearing, it will have you singing and dancing along. I also love how Callum has managed to create a track about a topic which is not the most easy or joyful of topics to write about but has managed to give this track an upbeat feel to it and one that you will instantly love and be able to relate to with the lyrics.

The track is packed full with talent from the sound to the vocals, a lot of time, talent and attention to detail has gone into creating this track, I’d say all that hard work has paid off as for me this is an instant memorable track with a slight summer vibe to it and I have no doubt this will be stuck in my head for a day or so but it’s a great track so I won’t mind.

I love the music video to this track as well which you need to check out, there’s a very familiar background that I am so use to seeing when I’m travelling to Nottingham, for me when I see them it’s a sign that I am near the city.

A fantastic and unique track created by a talented man who I cannot wait to hear more from.

Great job Callum!


By Ollie Cooper


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