Bad Love have released a brand-new single ‘A Place For Me’ which you can listen to now on all music streaming platforms.

“Everyone has been hurt before. Love is often tragedy and heartbreak isn’t like the movies. This song is about trying to move on and not carry your past with you. I’ve been on both sides, I’ve pushed people away and messed it all up because I wasn’t in the right place and I’ve been on the receiving end of someone else’s wrongs. Sometimes it’s about just not wanting to be seen through the lens of a previous love.” – Andy Gannon, Frontman.

This latest single combines the usual Bad Love sound that is instantly recognisable and a sound we all love to hear with some heartfelt lyrics that I feel we can all relate to and a catchy beat that will not doubt have you dancing along or at least tapping along which I see as a basic guarantee that it will be a success live.

Fusing together the synth-pop sounds with personal lyrics this track manages to tell a story about how finding new love and leaving your past behind is not easy. The band have created a track that tells the story through a upbeat sounding song which is not something you hear often but I love it, for me it makes this track even more special and it stands out more.

As with every Bad Love track I’ve heard for the first this brilliant track was stuck in my head all day, sometimes this can be annoying but as always that was certainly not the case, I was happy to have this track stuck in my head as I carried on with my day.

This track instantly had my full attention with its unique and memorable sound, the lyrics will have you listening to every word that Andy sings effortlessly, they make this single sound even more special.

An instantly memorable track and the perfect track to add to your summer playlist. A great track to add to the bands already impressive setlist and one you really need to hear.


By Siân Parker