2020 has been a year of unprecedented happenings, filled with extraordinary stories. ‘At Home’, the new album by Georgie is very much hers. Written against the backdrop of a global pandemic, this is a story of love, loss and redemption in these strangest of times.

‘At Home’ was recorded these past few months as Georgie found herself suddenly housebound, locked-down and going through all kinds of hell. Forced to curtail a high profile tour in support of The Lighthouse Family as the coronavirus began to take hold, Georgie returned home only to find a relationship in ruin. Facing an uncertain future in both music and her love life, Georgie sought solace in the isolation of her small home studio and began to write. As days endlessly blurred into one another and chaos unfurled in the world beyond her window, the whirlwind of thoughts in Georgie’s head poured out like diary entries into new songs both starkly honest and radiantly soul-baring. Channelling raw emotions, bittersweet feelings and tainted memories of a disappearing era, the 8 tracks of ‘At Home’ materialised through the haze.

The album proves Georgie’s skill both as composer and vocalist, from the lyrics to the sound this whole album is a joy to listen to. The album is packed full of powerful vocal that really make you stop what you are doing and listen to every word along with some incredible instrumentals. I have been a fan of Georgie’s for quite a few years now and I love how she has managed to create something so powerful and creative during these difficult times but as well as giving the album it own unique sound she has also managed to keep a bit of the old Georgie sound I have loved hearing on her previous releases.

The opening song ‘Company’ is without a doubt my favourite track from this incredible album, this track reflects on friendship and has that real summer feel to it. The catchy chord and upbeat vocals, this is a sure winner to put the listener in a great mood and pining for more. It instantly grabbed my attention and I found the lyrics very relatable and for me it’s just the perfect song at the start of such a brilliant album.

An album packed full of amazing vocals and a pure joy to listen to from start to finish from this talented woman.

Great job Georgie!


By Ollie Cooper