Matt Marcii is a pop producer and writer based in Suffolk, England. He discovered his love for music whilst at University in Scotland and started writing songs and recording fellow students in his student halls at local recording studios in Stirling. Matt Marcii (pronounces Mar-Sea) name is said to be inspired by three of his biggest icons. Two inside of music and one from outside of music. No one has guessed all three role models correctly. Matt Marcii’s simple aim is to create catchy melodies that stay buried in the listener’s minds after the first lesson. Matt is inspired by great Swedish songwriters and grew up playing and listening to orchestral music which crops up in his pop productions.

Andrea Ekeli is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. Growing up by the coast in east Norway, Andrea’s music taste has been strongly influenced by the Scandanavian pop scene. At nineteen, after graduating a three-year high school music programme in 2018, she moved to London to furhter study vocal performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Andrea is at present working towards finishing her degree, with a growing passion for writing pop music.

The duo have come together to create the incredible single ‘I’m Over You’, the single is a song about being mistreated in a past relationship but moving on to bigger and better things! It’s sung from the female perspective from a position of strength and lays out the story of a former flame who is trying to get back in with the heroine of this story. But they don’t stand a chance as she is ‘over him.’

This instant summer anthem has a great beat, sing a long lyrics and a feel good sound which for me is the perfect combination to create the perfect summer anthem. Along with all the obvious things that create a memorable track the duo have also managed to create a unique sound to their track with for me give it’s the edge to stand out from other songs in the same genre. The track is packed full of feel good, fun and unique sounds, with catchy lyrics with also tells a story perfectly. It’s not the sort of music I usually listen to and enjoy but within seconds of listening to this track I was hooked and enjoyed every second of this brilliant track.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper


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