The 286 are the UK’s only rock & roll orchestra. Mixing guitars and drums with cellos and violins, The 286 create a unique sound that you expect from a musical collaboration between The Beatles and Beethoven.

The band are in the middle of releasing a series of singles, the latest being the disco inspired ‘One Way Love’, available on Spotify and iTunes.

This incredible single packed full of unique sounds and talents is an absolute treat to hear. The band have created such a unique sound that is so catchy and instantly you fall in love with what you are listening to. The mixture between rock & roll and a orchestra is something I honestly have never heard before and if I’m being honest I wouldn’t think they would work well together but The 286 have managed to combined to the two and create something that instantly catches your attention and stands out from other bands.

I like sticking to what I know I like, it sounds boring I know and I am always told by my friends I need to start to listen to stuff I would usually not listen to, listening to this talented band for me proves my friends are right and this band have proven you can be different and make it work.

The instrumentals, vocals and lyrics are fantastic, I honestly can not fault this track. I can honestly say I have never heard anything like them but I love what I am hearing and I think it’s safe to say The 286 have a new fan.

The single sounds mega and I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing where the band go on from here.


By Ollie Cooper