Kioko are back again with another excellent track, ‘Queen of the Dancefloor’ which is now available to listen to on all music platforms.

As always, this talented band have created a track with the Kioko sound we all recognise, mixed in with catchy lyrics and that alternative reggae & Ska sound that we all love. They never fail to make a track that is full of upbeat sounds and tracks that just make you feel good as you listen to them. This track will get you up onto your feet and dancing no matter where you are, which again is a basic guarantee for any Kioko track.

Listening to the track you feel like you are at a Kioko gig watching the guys jumping around the stage and show off their talent, you can also hear the energy they have put into this track which again you always see at a Kioko gig, honestly, if you haven’t seen these guys live yet you are missing a treat.

This track is just perfect, it’s feel good vibe combined with the sounds, vocals and instrumentals will leave you in such a positive mood, after listening to this track all I want to do now is be able to hear it live which I hope I will be able to soon. The lyrics as always are so catchy that you will be going around doing your day to day duties still singing along to this track.

Another great track from a talented band packed full of energy and talent, a track which I feel we all need to hear at the moment with these strange times we need something to pick us up, you will not be disappointed with what you hear.


By Siân Parker