UNO MAS are an enthusiastic four piece from Manchester, fanning the fires of the city that gave so many wonderful creations and carrying on the legacy left by the brilliance of those that have walked these streets before. Not easy, but Olly, Dan, Tom and Lew are in this with bells on. Unapologetic about their roots, influences or direction, they are crafting an image and sound with an all new twist.

“‘Don’t You Know’ is a track which aims to capture the feeling of meeting that special person for the first time after feeling like you’ll never meet the one. It explores the initial feelings of love and being unable to hide them- such as the nervousness of first speaking to them, the passion and need for the love of this person, and how the shared love between the two protagonists would complete them.” – Olly Thornton (Lead Singer)

The single has everything you would want to hear from an indie pop band, fun, energetic, upbeat sounds, catchy riffs and chorus, this will instantly get you to your feet! You will not be able to sit around and listen to this track.

This single is full of passion and has the classic indie pop feel to the track, from the opening verses your transported to another level with the incorporation of strings, drums and vocals. The chorus is catchy and I have no doubt it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, listening to the lyrics I could relate to what Olly was singing about which really helped me to connect with the single. The band have created an instant memorable track pack full of energy which would also be ideal to hear at a festival as I feel it has a slight festival vibe to it.

This is an impressive single, the band have also managed to create a single that shows off the bands own unique sound so well and really makes this track stand out. I have doubt that it will be a success live with a crowd’s backing. This was the first track I heard from this incredible band, it instantly grabbed my attention and I loved everything I was hearing, I think it’s safe to say Uno Mas have a new fan.

A nice treat for the ears to hear.

By Ollie Cooper