Jackie Therrien is an indie/alt pop singer, songwriter, musician and producer who has just released her second album “Dreaming” which is available to buy and stream on all platforms.

Jackie say’s “So this is my second album I’ve released, but the first that I’ve recorded and produced myself. The album consists of 13 tracks, all of which I wrote, recorded, and produced during quarantine. This album is very different from my first album, “Love Letters”, which was entirely acoustic. This album has more layering and harmonies, and is definitely more pop. There’s both upbeat songs and slower songs”.

“When I write songs I write about my own life and my own personal experiences, but also try to make it relatable for other people. I get a lot of my song ideas at school while sitting in class, or I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with it. I write about my relationships, whether they end with falling in love or heartbreak. I try to keep all my lyrics very honest and detailed so people can really understand what I’m trying to say, or follow the story, or even be able to imagine it”.

“’Dreaming’ I think as a whole is really about realizing that after everything that’s happened and everyone you’ve met, there’s still this one person you’ve loved for a long time. It goes from a heartache, to confusion, to missing him, to taking a leap of faith, and finally having him back after all this time”.

This album is full of passion and vocals which will capture your imagination from the opening verses. The incorporation of instrumentals and vocals is magical, the sounds will instantly have you hooked. Each track had its own unique sound which will instantly grab your attention, each track is instantly memorable in their own ways and are pack full of energy and talent.

Jackie can belt some cracking vocals and does, but it’s that kind of indie-voiced, back-of-throat emoting that will draw you in and you can’t help but love. Her vocals are wonderfully captivating, with a deep, emotional resonance.

A fantastic album with brilliant harmonies, unique sounds and lyrics that are honest and relatable. This album is one you defiantly need to listen to and have on your playlist.


By Ollie Cooper