Temple Days formed in 2019 when brothers Aaron and Sam Simmons decided to join musical forces and start a brand new project.

Both Aaron (vocals/guitar) and Sam (guitar) had ideas on ice which were brought to life during the lockdown of 2020 when the pair had nothing but time in their Rochester flat. Performing live in 2020 looked like a complete write off, so the Brothers took to social media, posting new ideas online and performing on live streams.

Temple Days have taken both differences and similarities of their individual music tastes and combined them with a varied list of influences to create their sound. (Which is constantly being experimented with.)

The first 3 track EP “Cold Water” was recorded from home and released to all music platforms through the distribution label: DistroKid in August.

This EP is impossible not to listen to from beginning to end, the strong voice with the brilliant instrumentals makes you feel like you’re in a small music venue and the duo are playing to just you. The duo has managed to write the kind of songs you find yourself singing along to on first hearing, the hooks are strong and grip even when you think you’ve escaped them.

The talented duo have managed to create an EP with tracks full of their own individual musical influences and have combined them along with their own incredible sound which instantly makes this EP stand out and gives it such a magical sound and feel which instantly grabs your attention.

The EP has a chilled vibe, but each track has a catchy sound you can easily bop along with while still being packed with emotions. The duo’s unique sound is magical to hear and will capture your attention and imagination within seconds, this combined with the lyrics and vocals makes this EP so special to hear. Each track in this incredible EP strikes a gorgeous balance between energy and emotion.

This EP was a joy to listen to, the only bad point I have is the EP ended far too quickly, I was left wanting to hear more.


By Ollie Cooper