Théa Marie is the London-based Franco-American singer-songwriter who is combining the sounds of all three countries in her forthcoming debut album, ‘Then’, which was preceded by the ultra-catchy indie pop of lead single, ‘Start of Us’. Having played shows Europe whilst also gaining radio play across the continent and playing support for the likes of The Dunwells, Théa has built an infectious 8 track selection of dreamy indie-pop go soul tunes that will surely see her propelled to the next level!

Théa Marie was born and raised in Cannes, France to a French father and American mother, growing up in France before studying in New York and finally settling in London after graduating from the Institute of Contemporary Performance. Along with her bandmates, Julianna Hopkins (drums) and Peter Napper (guitar), they have finely honed their self-titled ‘retro-soul’, the perfect backdrop to the album’s theme of nostalgia, as Théa explains:

“It’s all about being reluctant to grow up because childhood memories are so appealing and simple. Every song relates to a memory or emotions that have led me to feel bitter about growing up and being nostalgic for those more innocent times. For example, Sleepy Summer is about not wanting summer to end and dreading to have to go back to work; Don’t Walk Away was inspired by a dream where I was telling my younger self not to abandon me; Times of My Life is about pleading to bring back the simplicity of my childhood to my present. Most of the songs were written and inspired by my shift to becoming independent”.

This incredible album will immediately have your full attention, each single tells a story beautifully and is a joy to sit and listen too. The warm, acoustic sounds combined with the delicate and beautiful vocals by Théa creates a chilled atmosphere, every track you feel you are having a personal gig by Théa which I feel adds more of a magical feel this this brilliant album. The lyrics will capture you imagination and I feel we can all relate to them, they draw you in and you can not help but sit and listen to every word, they really help to make each single stand out.

The vocals are something that has stayed consistently strong throughout this album, combined with the instrumentals and her careful use of harmonies gives this album a unique sound, each single will have you hooked and will awaken every hair on the back of your neck.

A beautiful album packed full of talent, this album was a joy to listen to and review.

Great job Théa!


By Ollie Cooper