Oscar Merry smashes it with his new single ‘Cower’ which comes from his latest EP, ‘Unfurl’. It is fresh and exciting, so much so it is already causing a storm in the industry with his sound quickly spreading like wildfire.
It is the first time I have come across Oscar, but having been sent this new release only a few days ago, I instantly realised he is a force which is going to become a household name in rock. He carries confidence which is encouraging and the revelation that he recorded every sound himself nearly through me off my couch.

‘Cower’ is an unusual release given that it does not follow a set genre, and I relish this approach. However, rock is its primary target with plenty of hard-hitting riffs and rock melodies driving the track forward. Nevertheless, he combines a little bit of metal in the arrangement too which anyone who loves rock on the more sinister side will relish. 

Vocally, Oscar is grand. He brings a gritty style to the forefront of the mix, and his voice does not sound anything like what else I hear today. Also, his ability to mix up his technique is exhilarating, given that Oscar often transitions between soft and hard deliveries. Nevertheless, it does sound as though he is pushing his vocal cords; therefore, I hope he has a soother by his side. 

In the closing stages of ‘Cower’, the sound becomes more intense. Although no new sounds appear, the sounds which we hear earlier in the track become more profound, and each instrument picks up pace at rapid speed, leaving us clinging on for dear life. 

You can take a listen to the new rock single ‘Cower’ by Oscar Merry below. Also, be sure to follow the musician on his official social media accounts here. 

By Dodgem