The Motive, a four-piece indie rock outfit from Kingston. The band have two new singles ‘You’ and ‘Meet Me (In The Pouring Rain)’ which are being released on all platforms today.

For this upcoming double release, the band say “we have channeled our passion and experience for playing high energy indie rock, honed to a fine point throughout our gigging careers”.

The singles have everything you would want to hear from an indie pop band packed full of energy, upbeat sounds and catchy riffs which will instantly get you to your feet. The band have created two incredibly catchy singles which will transport you to another level with the incorporation of catchy lyrics, brilliant vocals, strings and drums.

For me ‘You’ caught my attention instantly and quickly became my favourite, there is a crisp, distinctive energy in this single that will grab your attention. This single is full of the scents of summer, as I was listening to the single I could imagine the band playing this track live at a festival as for me it has the summer/festival feel to it. The combination of catchy lyrics, hooks and sounds that you will love.

What becomes increasingly clear listening to these two singles is the sheer joy that went into the making of these songs. The band have a unique and refreshingly feel good sound, and these songs are full of up beat sounds and are festival friendly.


By Siân Parker