Ben is a singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Manchester, he records mostly in the back room of his terrace house. Chris from the current Distractions line up plays bass and Louise plays drums and together they are Silver Sound Explosion. They have has recently released his album ‘Pop Dithyramb’ which is available to download now.

Ben say’s “The songs are snippets of my own personal experiences pulled together into collages but mixed with words that just happen to rhyme and appear to fit the song. They mean whatever the listener wants them to mean. I usually get some lyrics appearing in my head and write them down, sometimes waking in the middle of the night with them. Next step is pick up a guitar. Sometimes just playing guitar a song will come, I write it down, finished in Fifteen mins”.

The thing that instantly caught my attention when I was listening to this incredibly catchy album was the 60’s sound I picked up on, it was like I had gone back in time and I was listening to The Beatles or The Beach Boys. What I also loved was how they had managed to put their own unique twist on the iconic 60’s sound which really caught my attention, I sat listening to the album tapping along and enjoying every track.

This album is impossible to not listen to from beginning to end, each track is full of strong vocals, brilliant instrumentals and every track is unique and a joy to listen too. The lyrics in each track grab your attention and really make you stop and think, what I also love about the lyrics is how each listener will have their own interpretation, there is no set way in which the lyrics make a listener feel or think.

If I had to pick my favourite track I would say it would be ‘Kicks’ from the lyrics to the guitar riffs there was nothing I didn’t like about the track, it stood out for me and I must admit I had it on repeat and probably listened to the track around 10 times.

They have managed to create an album full of catchy lyrics and intriguing sounds, they have created an album that takes you back in time and combine old classic sound with their own twists. Their sound is magical to hear and will capture your attention and imagination, this combined with the lyrics and vocals makes this album so special to hear.

A great album which I can not fault, after listening to this album it’s safe to say I am a fan of the band and this album is incredible, a great treat for the ears to hear.


By Siân Parker