Sam Seccombe is a 22 year-old singer/songwriter, producer and guitarist from South West London. Sam has released a new single called ‘Won’t Be Doing That Again’ which is available to listen to on all music platforms.

This single has a slight sad pop sound to it which I will admit is not something I am a fan of usually but as soon as I played this track and heard the acoustic sorrow sound at the beginning I was sold.

The single is full of soul and passion and will awaken every hair on the back of your neck with the delicate vocals, I love how the sound starts off simple but builds as the single goes on. The lyrics are powerful and combined with the sound and vocals makes this single makes this track sound incredible and is a joy to listen too.

Sam has managed to create such an incredible sound which will have the listener hooked and listening to every single word he sings effortlessly. The beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy acoustic sound make this track a treat to listen too.


By Ollie Cooper