I first heard of Barracuba after a friend of mine recommended I listened to their track ‘Charlie’, for me it usually takes me a few listens before I really get into at new track, however this was not the case with this single from this local Leicester Indie/Alternative band. I loved what I was hearing and within seconds this single had my full attention.

The single opens up with a punchy guitar riff, raw vocals and an energetic sound that draws you in. ‘Charlie’ has a slight punk sound to it which combined with the energy throughout the track reminds me a bit of Idles, however the band have managed to create their own unique sound which makes this single stand out.

The Lyrics are catchy, and will no doubt get stuck in your head, sometimes this is the worst thing to happen, but it was not the case. This single packs a punch which is full of phenomenal instrumentals along with the great vocals and catchy sounds makes this single a great treat for the ears.

What I also love about this single is the fun you can hear the band members have through out the single, this combined with their talent and unique sound makes this track fun and a joy to listen to. I loved the single and for me I recon this would sound even better hearing it being played live.

I think it’s safe to say after listening to this single on repeat, I am a fan of this talented band and I can’t wait to hear more music from this band.


By Siân Parker