Blue Kubricks are a Leeds, based alternative funk rock band. They have recently released their latest summery single, “You’re a Beach” which is available to listen to on all music platforms. The band is five, of which two are brothers who have been playing instruments from a young age.

I did my research on this band and listened to a few of their tracks before listening to their latest single, I then listen to the new single expecting it to sound similar to their other tracks but I was wrong. The new single has a more softer rock sound compared to their other tracks, this combined with a funky soul and jazzy feel instantly made this single stand out from the bands other work and I became rather attached to it.

The single is full of catchy fun, fresh and soulful sounds, delicately controlled vocals and a catchy melody. The lyrics along with the impressive instrumentals and catchy riffs will have you tapping along throughout this instantly memorable summer track.

The bands unique instantly draws you in, it stops you in your tracks and makes you listen to every sound and word in this track. It’s very much a summer single, full of the scents of summer. It’s easy to hear the track and picture the band on the summer festival circuit.

This single has a charm to it, it had my attention within seconds, I even had goose bumps as I sat listening to this track. You need to listen to this track to fully appreciate its charm.


By Siân Parker