SLANT are an upcoming, female fronted band from Brighton. They take influence from the theatrics of 70s glam, paired with a post-punk vibe. They have recently released a new single ‘La Danse’ which is available on all music platforms.

Kicking off with a unique that will made you pause in your tracks and listen to this track, within seconds you are transported to back to the 70’s with this tracks glam rock sound. They have managed to create something that sounds so unique but at the same time has a hint of the past in it which grabs your attention and you can’t help but love what you’re hearing.

Once the chorus hits, The catchy guitar riff will hit you unexpectedly, which leads us into the ultimate solo. If you’re not already dancing along to this track the chorus will soon change that, from the lyrics to the instrumentals, it will capture your attention and have you on your feet.

The combination of unique sounds, instrumentals, and lyrics in an absolute joy to hear, the band have really found their own unique sound which instantly makes their music stand out. The band have managed to convert me into a fan with their music which I will admit is not the usual music I would listen too, however the band’s sound is something I couldn’t ignore and I instantly loved what I was hearing.

A refreshing track to hear from a talented band.

By Ollie Cooper