Formed in 2018, The Bagatelles are a BBC introducing aired indie band with a penchant for gnarly guitars, driving beats and singalong choruses. They have released a new single ‘Settle the Score’ which will be available to listen to on all music platforms from the 2nd October.

The single starts with some incredibly catchy riffs and instrumentals which instantly makes this track sound like a classic indie anthem. It has everything you would want to hear from an indie band, upbeat sounds, catchy riffs and chorus, this will instantly get you to your feet! You will not be able to sit around and listen to this track.

The lyrics will make you stop whatever you are doing and listen to every word, I feel a listener would be able to relate to some of the lyrics, which for me gives this track an instant connection. The chorus is catchy and I have no doubt it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

The lyrics combined with the catchy and unique sound and some impressive instrumentals will have you tapping along throughout this instantly single. The band have managed to create a track which really packs a punch and you will love. What I also love about this track is the unique sounds they have created which gives this track an extra kick and helps it to stand out from other indie tracks.

The new single is packed full of energy, brilliant vocals and everything you would want to hear from an instant memorable track, a guarantee from any track this band create. The band have managed to create their own unique sound as well as combining a classic indie sound.

You really need to listen to this track, you will love it!


By Ollie Cooper