The Baltics are a young 4-piece indie band based in the North East of England. They are inspired by all corners of music including, classic rock, indie, Stoner Rock, Britpop, Hip Hop and many more. They have found a sound that sits between the before mentioned genres. The likes The 1975, King Krule, Mac Demarco, Oasis, Queen and Radiohead influence the band and the vast difference between these influences allow for a fresh new sound which is apparent in their new single, ‘Bad Reality TV’.

After their debut single- ‘Carbon Theme Park’- took off, the band have seen success after success including management deals with Live World, airtime on BBC Radio Newcastle, and exponential growth in their fanbase. They hope to follow up their success with their next single ‘Bad Reality TV’ which sees a slight shift in musical style but better shows the direction and intentions of future music.

I have loved the bands previous singles they have released so I was looking forward to hearing some new music from this talented band. The new single did not disappoint, I was hooked within seconds of hearing this amazing single.

The single starts with a guitar riff that instantly grabs your attention as soon as the vocals kick in you cannot help but listen to every word Shay sing’s perfectly and relate to the lyrics. As I was listening to listening, I couldn’t help but tap along, as soon as the drum beat kicks you will be instantly on your feet as the sound changes.

The single builds into a catchy and memorable anthem which has brilliant instrumentals, lyrics you will find yourself singing along to and a sound that is unique and is a treat to hear. The band have managed to pack a lot into this track, but it all works so well together and they have created something that you can’t help but love.

The combination of riffs, great vocals and catchy sound makes this single a great and for me I would say it’s my favourite single from the band so far. They have created something which stands out in what is a competitive scene, the single has been produced well and just from listening to it you can tell how much talent, time and effort has been put into making this unique and memorable track.

A great single from a talented young band.


By Siân Parker