Hull rocker Calboa is back with a bang with his new release ‘Admission’. 
It is a track which follows his highly acclaimed previous 2020 release ‘A Condition Call Loneliness’, and it provides everything which you would expect from an artist of this ability. 

A catchy and upfront guitar lead takes us on a journey from the very start. For me, it kicks the track off in the best way, it is upfront and bright, and it leads us into the rest of the track perfectly. Also, I enjoy how the rhythm is mighty, and it instantly cements itself deep with its profound quality. In the opener, it comes with similarities to other indie heavyweights I have reviewed in the past. Still, it has a genuine, unique quality within its foundation also, which is refreshing.

Vocally, Calboa is flying with a biting melody line which will grip to you. Also, the Yorkshire singer sounds as if he is singing through a tunnel hatch, and he sounds a little distant in the mix, but I enjoy this approach. It is unusual and quirky, and that is what makes an indie record like this one sound so vigorous. As the track progresses, we get greeted by a more solemn chorus with Calboa taking a step back in pace. But, paradoxically his energy appears to rise, which is unorthodox given its structural arrangement. 

Overall, ‘Admission’ is a treat for any indie fan. It comes with strength, and it places itself in its own corner of the music industry. Yes, it takes hints from various sources, but together, all the sounds synergise to create a mix which you will not find elsewhere.

By Dodgem