DEAFDEAFDEAF a band that create post punk music from Greater Manchester have recently released their debut single called ‘Bodies’ which is now available to listen to on all music platforms.

The track has everything I want to hear in a track, phenomenal instrumentals, brilliant vocals, a unique sound and a chorus that will get stuck in your head. The track instantly draws you in within seconds with its lyrics, sound and the energy you feel in this track. The sound is right up my street, for me the track has an anthemic feel to it.

The lyrics provided a catchy chorus which you will know off by heart once you’ve listened to it once, as I was listening to the track I couldn’t help but connect instantly with it and the lyrics really did relate too me. It’s not very often I instantly connect with a song from a band I have only recently discovered but there was something special about this track and this band.

I love this track so much that I had it playing on repeat, for me it’s a track that stands out and you will instantly love. The bands energy and sound is refreshing to hear, it’s great to hear a band that sound so unique and really stand out from other bands in the scene.  

This is a quality song which you can tell has been put together with a lot of attention to detail. A refreshing sound from a band who are not afraid to sound different and who have gained a new fan.

Great job guys.


By Ollie Cooper