The Kendos formed at the tail end of 2018. They consist of four members: Louis Grover (lead vocals, rhythym guitar), Isaac Grover (lead guitar), Nathan Farley (bass, backing vocals), and Tom Welsh (drums). The band cite influence from artists such as: The Rolling Stones, The Chameleons, The La’s, and Ocean Colour Scene. The band are set to release their debut single ‘Rule the Real’ on Friday 9th October, you will be able to listen to the single on all major streaming platforms.

‘Rule the Real’ was recorded in June at the band’s own studio, which they christened “Kendós Studiós”. They record this way to be able to maintain full creative control and capture their own personal sound, true to their vision.

The song itself is about the people you meet in life, who are wrapped up in their own self-importance, and won’t take advice from others to change their stubborn ways.

The unique sound of the track traces back to production and song writing elements from 60’s and 80’s recordings to enable a sonic force different from other bands on the UK circuit.

This debut single is a mixture of infectious and unique sounds, characterful vocals and brilliant instrumentals which when combined together has created a single which will have you nodding along instantly and will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

The band’s high energy instantly grabs your attention, their unique sound packs a punch and draws you in. The sound takes you back in time to the 60’s or 80’s which I wouldn’t complain about, at the same time as well as creating a single with a classic sound from the past they have managed to combined their own unique sound into this track which gives it the extra kick to really stand out.

The lyrics are catchy, I feel a lot of listeners will be able to relate to them and they will instantly connect with this single. There is nothing I don’t like about this single, from the vocals to the riffs it packs a punch from beginning to the very end, the guitar riff instantly made me stop what I was doing and listen, I was hooked.

This is an impressive debut single, the band have managed to create a single that shows off their musical talents and combined classic sounds we love to hear with their own unique sounds. I really look forward to what the band create in the future and if they continue to make singles like this one, I can see them making some musical waves in the in the scene.

Great job guys.


By Ollie Cooper