“You need to start a band with me!” solidified the beginnings of a line-up for Headshrinkers following singer, Garran Hickman meeting lead guitarist James Knott in their local pub. Affiliated by a shared music taste, a mutual determination to write great music and play live shows, they brought in bassist Xavier Al-Naqib, and drummer Scarlett to complete the line-up. Now with a new found sense of urgency and excitement, the newly formed band crafted a high-energy setlist and took to the stage.

Headshrinkers released debut single ‘Underclass’ in July 2019, described as being born out of mounting anger and dismay toward the current state of politics. This was followed up with ‘Where She Plays’ in February 2020, which demonstrated the range that the band have to offer. Headshrinkers have found their sound however with their latest single ’6:41 Sapien’, which they have been crafting over recent months, where there has been time for more introspection and creativity.

Headshrinker come roaring out of the gate on ‘6:41 Sapien’, the heavy drum beat and catchy guitar riffs create a tense atmosphere which then kicks into a catchy chorus which will get you out of your seat and dancing around as if you are at one of the bands gigs.

The lyrics tell a story perfectly and make it so easy for a listener to relate, they really help to make this single stand out. The single is full of energy and lyrics that make you stop and listen to every word.

The band high energy grabs your attention, their unique sound packs a punch and draws you in within seconds. This was the first track I have heard from this incredibly talented band and I was instantly hooked and was added straight into my playlist.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper