After featuring on BBC News and Radio, Manchester based musician George Farrar releases his debut solo single ‘You And I, on the 9th October. A track inspired by injustice, humanity and frustration in the modern world. Working with artist such as Chris Difford of Squeeze and Grammy nominee James House, George is taking these collaborative experiences into his debut solo material. Working with James Middleton from Porij who produced the track, You And I is Farrar’s first solo release.

The single is full of catchy, fresh and unique sounds, the vocals and catchy melody will have you tapping along within seconds. The lyrics along with the impressive instrumentals and catchy riffs will have you tapping along throughout this instantly memorable track.

The unique sound instantly draws you in, it stops you in your tracks and makes you listen to every sound and word in this track. I was instantly hooked and had the catchy lyrics to the chorus stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

It’s not often I find a solo artist that I instantly love but George’s music had me hooked and I couldn’t help but love it. This single has a charm to it, it had my attention within seconds. You need to listen to this track to fully appreciate it.


By Siân Parker