The New Consistent (Ben Ramsay) is a 20 year old solo musician from the West Midlands. He creates chilled indie/hip hop music, similar to that of Loyle Carner, Kofi Stone, Baxter Dury and The Streets. He has released a new single ‘Turn Off All The Screens’, the first release from his upcoming EP, ‘Turn Off All The Screens’.

The single is a little over 3 minutes of unique sounds and some vocals from Ben that make you stop and listen.

It’s a bit slower to what I usually listen to, but I couldn’t help but sit there tapping along as I listened to the single. When the chorus kicks in the listener is transported to another level, you cannot help but listen to every word Ben sing’s and relate to the lyrics.

The sound is unique and for me had me hooked within seconds, there is something about this single that I instantly loved. As I was listening to the single I was taken back to my teenage years when I was listening to The Streets which I wont complain about.

This single combines sounds and influences from the past with a The New Consistent twist with their own unique sound which I love, you need to listen to this single for yourself!

A great single and one you need to listen to!

By Ollie Cooper