Remayn is an emerging indie-folk singer/songwriter from Eastbourne, England. He began writing music at the age of 26 as a way of processing grief after several personal tragedies. Remayn has released a new single ‘Coffee & Prozac’ which is now available on all music platforms.

Remayn say’s “I’ve struggled with mental health issues from the age of about 6. I’ve had quite a lot of therapy, quite a lot of medication and nothing’s really changed. During lockdown I was furloughed, and it gave me some time for introspection. I basically decided that I was the main issue and that any improvements were going to come from a lifestyle change, not discussing the same things over and over again or taking meds for the sake of it. I normally don’t write songs that are as confessional as this one, but the people that have heard it have responded really well and have nearly all commented on how they can relate in some way to the song.”

The single is relatable and beautiful, with its delicate vocals and acoustic production, this track will haunt you way after hearing it for the first time and it will make you stop and listen to every word in the amazing single.

The beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy acoustic sound make this track a treat to listen too, the combination of guitar with Remayn’s vocals is magical. This easy listening track a joy to listen too from the very start.

The lyrics will capture your attention and you will listen to every word Remayn sings, although Remayn sings about his own personal experiences and feelings I feel listeners will be able to relate to the lyrics.

This single really captured my attention, it starts simply but builds and builds and is guaranteed to induce tears and awaken every hair on the back of your neck.


By Siân Parker