Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of artists such as James Blake, The Velvet Underground, Radiohead, and FKA Twigs, Robin Parlow is an up-and-coming independent singer/songwriter and producer based out of Toronto, Canada. After quitting his desk job in February of 2020, Parlow embraced a DIY approach to music production, doing everything from recording, to beat-making, to mixing and mastering in his apartment, while the world closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Icecaps’ is the first single from Parlow’s upcoming EP ‘As Icecaps Melt Away’, to be released later this year.

The single starts with an incredible catchy sound which will have you hooked within seconds, the unique sound goes so well with the lyrics that will make you stop what ever you are doing and listen to every word. The lyrics combined of vocals and sounds is impressive and will have you tapping along throughout this instantly memorable single.

This single is full of delicately controlled vocals, catchy sounds and lyrics that you will love listening too. The chiming guitar solo in the middle of the sound really give this track an extra boost to stand out. It is an easy listening track that I enjoyed listening too, there is something so unique about Robin’s vocals and that capture your attention making this track an instantly memorable single.

This was the first track I had heard from Robin, this single had my full attention within seconds, I loved what I was hearing and it’s safe to say I am now a fan.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper