Callum McLean has recently released a new single ‘TIDES’ ahead of his new album ‘Acorn’ which is set to be released on the 6th November.

I always like to do a bit of research on new artist I find, as soon as I started to research on Callum and his music I knew he’d be belting out songs that I would fall in love with from the second I began to listen to them, and of course, I was right.

listening to this single I had goosebumps within the first few seconds, the soulful vocals and a simple yet catchy acoustic sound work so well to create a chilled and magical sound which will have you hooked.

The single has an acoustic sorrow sound which I loved hearing, the combination of guitar with Callum’s vocals is magical and combined with the lyrics you can’t help but listen to every word in this track and love what Callum has created.

The lyrics really capture the listeners attention and I feel they will be able to relate to what Callum sings about so easily which really helps for any listener to connect with the whole single.

What I love about this incredible single is how simple it is, it’s a song created with some amazing vocals and an acoustic guitar, it’s not easy to create something with just these two things but Callum has made it look easy, saying that it’s still a powerful song.

Usually it takes me a couple of listens before I fall head over heels with a single, but with this one was special and one you need to listen too.

By Ollie Cooper

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