Robin Parlow is an up-and-coming independent singer/songwriter and producer based out of Toronto, Canada. After quitting his desk job in February of 2020, Parlow embraced a DIY approach to music production, doing everything from recording, to beat-making, to mixing and mastering in his apartment, while the world closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Parlow’s second self-produced single ‘Deepfake Girl’ is a more rock-oriented indietronica track featuring his signature haunting vocals and spacey production. His lyrics question male fantasization and objectification of women, drawing parallels to deepfake videos which use AI to replace the original subjects’ face with someone else’s.

The single has everything I now expect to hear from Robin, a catchy sound which will have you hooked within seconds and lyrics that will make you stop whatever you are doing and listen to every word Robin sings effortlessly.

This single is full of delicately controlled vocals which capture your attention, you can’t help but be hooked and listen to every single word. As I was listening to, I couldn’t help but tap along, as soon as the drum beat kicks in you’re transported to another level, it give this single an extra kick to really capture your attention.

The single is full of catchy, fresh and unique sounds, the lyrics along with the impressive instrumentals and catchy riffs will have you tapping along throughout this instantly memorable track.

It’s not often I find a solo artist that I instantly love but Robin’s music had me hooked and I couldn’t help but love it. You need to listen to this track to fully appreciate it.


By Ollie Cooper