Dominic Malin is a British singer/songwriter from the Midlands in the UK, and ‘Eye Of The Storm’ is his third self-released single set to be released on 6th November 2020.

The song — recorded in his bedroom at home — begins with a simple acoustic guitar strum before Dominic’s husky voice opens beautifully and soulfully, instantly hooking the listeners attention with lyrics about how he’s “tired of giving his all” to a girl who doesn’t seem interested in fixing the relationship he’s desperately trying to protect. As Dom reaches the bridge, the production of the song builds and flows naturally into a semi-upbeat, fuller sound whilst simultaneously maintaining the beautiful lyrics and tone of his voice that draws you in from the very start. This build in production is essential as it perfectly adds to the song and you do feel the full impact of this relationship and can believe with true authenticity and sincerity that he’s fighting for this relationship to work. The title “Eye Of The Storm” is fully felt in this increase in momentum as more and more instruments come into play; the song does build up in a storm-like way and I loved the vibe that gave.

Dominic has such a talent for songwriting, too. Lyrically, this song is absolutely poetic and shows real credibility throughout. I don’t know if it was written specifically with a girl or a patchy relationship in mind, but listening to the lyrics, you do fully believe that it’s real and by the end you’re desperate to know if they worked it out and made it through the storm! Did they manage to fix things? Or did they accept that their love was lost and close the last chapter of their book? These are the things you’re left wanting to know, after experiencing this emotional ride with Dom!

For a song of 4:01 in length, it doesn’t feel that long either. It flows so naturally and you’re that hooked and into it, that it just seems to fly by and it’s over before you even know it. I love it when songs do that, as it shows how much you’re enjoying it – the fact you’re not begging for it to end or skipping onto something else says a lot! I could never do that to this song, as I’ve only loved it more and more with each listen to it. I believe that other listeners will have a similar experience with this song, and like me, be excited to hear more from the incredibly talented Dominic Malin in the future! Remember that name; I predict he will be huge!


By Daniel Lacey


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