Sam Lambeth has released his debut solo single ‘When Love Ain’t Enough’ which is available on all music platforms.

Sam say’s “I’m not good at keeping promises. In early 2019, I felt I was done with music. I’d led three different bands, enjoyed varying levels of success and felt like I’d done everything I could to build a fanbase. I told myself that from now on my guitar would just be for playing some covers on an evening in my bedroom.

Before I knew it, I was writing songs again…but this time it was different. Without a band, without a gig, without expectations, I was able to let these songs sit. And an amazing thing happened. They changed, they evolved, they matured. I saw my songs breathe and give me different meanings and melodies. The first song I wrote was this one – ‘When Love Ain’t Enough’. And here’s where I broke my second promise.

I had told myself I was fed up of writing love songs. I’d been garnering a reputation as a male Taylor Swift, embarking on a string of failed love affairs and turning them into wistful kiss-offs. I didn’t want to do that anymore. I wanted to go bigger and broader, discuss other things like the passing of time, friendship, loss and religion. But once I wrote the chorus, I knew that this simply had to be a love song. I also knew, from the moment I played that last chord, that I had to get back in the studio, that I had to get back into making music, and that I had to do something I never thought I’d do – go solo.

‘When Love Ain’t Enough’ is the most mature, raw and heart-breaking song that I’ve ever written. It’s a bare and honest confessional, framed by a chugging acoustic guitar and my own intimate, wounded vocal”.

‘When Love Ain’t Enough’ is a beautifully simple acoustic song with just a single guitar and some amazing vocals by Sam which begs listeners to linger on his every word. His vocals are exquisite and the pitch changes in the choruses are flawless.

The lyrics are meaningful, emotional and personal which helps for anyone to connect with this amazing single, what I also love is how I could instantly relate to the lyrics and what Sam was singing about which for me helps me to connect with a song.

This easy listening track a joy to listen too from the very start, the beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy acoustic sound make this track a treat to listen to and will awaken every hair on the back of your neck.


By Ollie Cooper