Reilly James is an indie artist from Preston he is due to release a new single called ‘Games’ in November.

The single starts with a unique sound which will grab your full attention and will have you tapping along as soon as the beat and vocals kick in you are transported to another level. The sound instantly takes me back to my youth and reminds me of some of the old video games I use to play, the sound fits with the title so well. Reilly has managed to create something that sounds so unique and refreshing to hear that you can’t help but love.

Once the chorus hits if you’re not already dancing along to this track the chorus will soon change that, from the lyrics to the vocals, it will capture your attention and have you on your feet. The lyrics are catchy, and will no doubt be stuck in your head after hearing this incredible track, sometimes this is the worst thing ever to happen but that’s not the case with this single.

The combination of unique sounds, instrumentals, and lyrics in an absolute joy to hear, Reilly has really found his own unique sound which instantly makes his music stand out. It’s a sound you cannot ignore, and I instantly loved what I was hearing.

By Siân Parker