There is nothing better than finding an album from an artist you have recently discovered and instantly falling in love with it. You play the album on repeat and have the lyrics from the songs stuck in your head for days, it’s such an exciting feeling and one of complete joy. This was the feeling I got when I played Callum McLean album ‘Acorn’ for the very first time.

This incredible album will immediately have your full attention with its soulful vocals, unique sounds and an acoustic sound which will leave you with goosebumps. This all works so well together and helps to create a chilled and magical sound which will have you hooked. Each single tells a story beautifully and is a joy to sit and listen too, every track you feel you are having a personal gig by Callum which I feel adds more of a magical feel this this brilliant album.

The lyrics will capture you imagination and I feel we can all relate to them, they draw you in and you cannot help but sit and listen to every word, they really help to make each single stand out. The vocals are something that has stayed consistently strong throughout this album and help to give this album a unique sound.

It was difficult for me to pick my favourite track from this incredible album as each track is special in its own way. I managed to finally pick my favourite though which is ‘Sedate Me Please’ the sound on this track is completely unique and different to the others on this single. They lyrics are great and combined with the sound work so well together to create a chilled sound which has a mysterious vibe to it.

A beautiful album packed full of talent, this album was a joy to listen to and review.

Great job Callum!

By Ollie Cooper



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