LAYKS is a fresh combination of dreamy indie pop and bare bones guitar driven songwriting layered with huge synth pop overtones. Having already garnered a huge following in the UK and Europe, this new project from front man Sam Martin is rapidly growing throughout the US and Asia with every release. ‘Another Day’ is the latest release from LAYKS which is available to on all music platforms.

This single will capture your attention within seconds with it’s combinations of instruments and Agile vocals by Sam. It’s not often I can listen to a single for the very first time and instantly become hooked and for the single to become and instant favourite, but this was certainly what happened when I listened to this incredible single.

This easy listening track is a joy to listen too from the very start, there is no doubt that as soon as you play this track it will make you stop whatever it is you are doing and listen to every word in this track. The sound as Sam say’s is dreamy and has a magical sound to it which I loved hearing.

The single is a little over 3 minutes of catchy, dreamy, magical, and unique sounds, which combined with the instrumentals and vocals creates a single that will instantly become one of your favourites. I cannot think of another band or artist that sounds similar which I see as a good thing, you need to stand out from other bands and LAYKS have done that with little difficulty.

The lyrics, all I can say about them is wow! Which I feel does not give them any justice at all. They are powerful and relatable, and I feel any listener will love them as much as I did, if not more!

There is something about this single that is so special, the sounds really helped me to connect with the song and I think helps to give this track the edge to stand out from other music around at the moment.

A great treat for the ears, an easy listening track packed full of talent and for me has well and truly made me a fan and this single will defiantly be added to my playlist.


By Siân Parker