Amey has had a varied career as a singer, songwriter, actor and model. She has featured in films and music videos, and most recently has been working on a theatrical piece with her daughter Zakia, a documentary about which was produced by Zakia and featured on BBC Radio 4. Amey latest single ‘Life’s Too Short’ is available now on all music platforms.

The combination of sounds and stunning vocals open this incredible single, within seconds I was tapping along to the upbeat sound of this incredible single. She has created a sound that makes me feel I have travelled back in time to the 80’s but it also has a modern twist and has the Amey unique sound to it.

The vocals are full of charm and character and will capture your attention within seconds. The chorus is catchy and the lyrics will be stuck in your head for days, after hearing this track once I spent the rest of the day with ‘Life’s too short to be unhappy, don’t be shy come join the party’.

What I love about this track is the upbeat feel to it and the positive message, this incredible woman has created something I feel we all need to listen to, especially at the moment as I feel we all need a bit of positivity in our life’s and a track which will have us on our feet.

It’s not easy to create something so enjoyable and powerful but Amey has made it sound so easy. I also love the fact as you listen to this single you can hear how much Amey enjoys performing for me it makes the single even more enjoyable to hear.


By Siân Parker