Described as a funky one-man music machine MARQ Electronica releases his third solo single ‘Wildlife’ which is now available on all music platforms.

Full of catchy melodies and funky edge that makes this track an instant dance anthem, ‘Wildlife’ is a record that will have you on your feet within seconds. The unique sounds and vocals will have you hooked, you will feel like you’ve been taken back to the 80s with it’s 80’s dancefloor sound.

The lyrics are brilliant, I found myself listening to every word and relating to some of the lyrics. What I also love about them is how Marq has managed to make a catchy chorus out of them which will be stuck in your head after hearing this track once, sometimes this is the worst thing ever! But that’s definitely not the case for this anthem.

I got a slight Part Pet Shop Boys feel when listening to this song, with its narration and the sound. I love how Marq has created a track that has an 80’s feel but with a modern twist, it really helps to make this incredible track stand out. It’s not the sort of music I would usually listen to but after hearing Marq’s talent I think my arm could be twisted into listening to more music like this.

A great track from a talented guy!


By Ollie Cooper