Guildford (UK) based indie pop duo Son of Cabe take influence from 80s pop, electronic and indie music to fuse their own unique sonic blend. Originating as a solo project by songwriter/producer Conor McCabe, but completed when he met drummer and co-producer Jack Holland at university. They cut their teeth performing at pubs and clubs in and around London and have since found themselves as frequent features on BBC Introducing the South and performed at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Their most popular single ‘Let Go’ with electro-funk producer twiddy, has accumulated over 270,000 streams to date and received reviews from the likes of EARMILK and Acid Stag, along with BBC radio airplay. The talented duo are due to release their new single ‘Whistler’ on the 27th November on all music platforms.

‘Whistler’ is the fresh single, with it’s upbeat sound and catchy lyrics it will have you tapping along at the very least. During the strange time we find ourselves in, frontman Conor found weighed down with the constant bad news and negativity, Conor decided to create a single which escapes from all the madness we are surrounded around at the moment and ‘Whistler’ was created.

The single captures your imagination and transports you to a place far away from the crazy one we are all in at the moment with it’s amazing instrumentals and unique sounds which all help to create a single which will no doubt will become one of your favourite tracks. The vibrate and catchy lyrics makes this single an instant memorable track, the vocals are spot on and help to make this single incredible.

You can tell a lot of attention to detail has gone into this single, the talented duo has created something special which you need to listen to.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper







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